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As a sauna builder, we locally fabricate barrel and traditional saunas with variety of options to choose from: shape, heater, layout, size, additional options. We custom build as well. We work with local material suppliers to deliver high quality saunas in a timely fashion. Below are some of the examples we can build.



Barrel; Hexa; Barrel with rounded corners; Traditional; Mounted on trailer


Electric; Wood Burning Stove


Sauna room only; sauna room and change room; sauna room and porch; sauna room with change room and porch or custom layout


from 6FT up to 14 FT or custom size

  • Manufactured from locally sourced knotty Western Red Cedar lumber, kiln dried

  • 7.5, 9, 12, 15 kw electric heaters

  • Wood burning stove (additional option, interior or exterior loading)

  • Hidden fastening system - no rotting of wood as opposed to standard fastening system where screws penetrate the wood

A standard barrel sauna kit of any size includes the following:


  • Western Red Cedar barrel structure, includes 2 walls and sauna supports

  • Electric heater - 7.5 or 9 kw

  • 2 sauna room cedar benches

  • Western Red Cedar entrance door, clear grade, free of knots, vertical grain, with double pane glass - 12” x 44”, door frame and casing

  • Wooden guardrail for electric heater

  • Stainless steel bands with hardware


The following options are additional and customizable: 


  • Full glass door - tinted or clear

  • Cedar seat backs

  • Flat cedar flooring

  • Rear window with window frame and casing - double pane 12”x 44” glass OR custom size

  • Exterior/interior UV protective sealant

  • Partition cedar wall with wooden door, clear grade, free of knots, vertical grain, with glass - 12” x 44”, double pane, door frame and casing or without glass

  • Roof – sheet metal with wooden flashings and underlayment

  • Essentials kit - 2 handcrafted cedar headrests, bucket with ladle, handcrafted cedar towel rack with 4 pegs

Barrel Saunas
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