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Traditional Saunas

Locally fabricated custom traditional saunas with variety of options to choose from: shape, heater, layout, size, additional options. Built on site. Below are some of our traditional saunas.

01 Sprout Lake, BC

12 FT W x 8 FT D x 8 FT H

This traditional sauna was built on site at Sprout Lake, Vancouver Island, with challenging site access, as it was steep and was only accessible by foot down a few staircases.

Exterior dimensions: 12 FT W x 8 FT D x 8 FT H

This sauna has a sauna room as well as change room with bench and shelves. Modern metal roof with classic cedar shingles. Interior foldable bench and removable sleeping area attachments that makes this unique sauna a sleeping space as well.

Insulation: R22 in floor and ceiling, R14 in walls. Super heat efficient and perfect for cold winters.

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