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cedar trailer mobile barrel sauna

April 5, 2024

DUAL HEAT 8 FT Cedar Trailer Barrel Sauna

DUAL HEAT sauna: wood fired and electric! Unique charred cedar barrel sauna on a trailer! Exterior charred cedar treatment, sheet metal roofing.


April 1, 2024

White Washed 6 FT Cedar Barrel Sauna

Western Red Cedar white washed square barrel sauna with unique charred cedar roof, electric heater and door with window!

cedar barrel mobile sauna
panoramic cedar mobile barrel sauna

December 18, 2023

16 FT Cedar Barrel Panoramic Sauna

16 FT long panoramic barrel sauna with change room, porch and sauna room with softline cedar benches for aesthetic look and comfort. Cedar roof and flashings. Installed at Airbnb property in Revelstoke, BC.


November 23, 2023

Custom Traditional Cedar Sauna

A custom traditional cedar sauna complete on site at Sprout Lake. Features change room with sauna room and large window to enjoy the lake views!

traditional cedar sauna

November 4, 2023

Dry Storage built in 4 days!

Assembled on site in 4 days! Our team built this dry room and storage building at Alpha Mountain Lodging in Revelstoke for guests to dry their gear and stuff after a wet day in the mountains!


October 23, 2023

Compact Balcony Sauna at Apex Ski Resort

Compact cedar barrel sauna built on a balcony at Apex Mountain Resort! Relax and recover in a sauna after an epic ski day on a mountain. 2-level benches for all levels of sauna enthusiasts.

cedar barrel sauna
cedar barrel sauna

October 19, 2023

Unique Sauna with Half Glass Wall

Take a look at this beautiful sauna with lights and unique half glass wall to capture a beautiful view on the mountain near Cultus Lake! Foldable bench for extra room and those hot yoga sessions.

June 5, 2023

Sauna with Change Room!

Take a breather in the change room between hot sauna sessions! Shelf for extra storage and towel hooks to throw that towel on!

cedar barrel sauna with shelves and glass door
cedar barrel sauna with glass window and door

February 10, 2023

Hot Yoga in Your Sauna!

Enjoy some hot yoga in your sauna at home! No need to visit expensive hot yoga studios. This sauna is unique as it features 2 levels of foldable benches to maximize the floor space!

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February 3, 2023

NEW Panoramic Barrel Sauna!

Enjoy the views while enjoying some steam! This beautiful panoramic barrel sauna is made from thermally modified Norway Spruce which is extremely durable and has great dimensional stability.

panoramic cedar barrel sauna with bubble window
trailer cedar barrel sauna with wood fired stove

January 11, 2023

Mobile Cedar Trailer Sauna Waiting For You!

7.5FT long cedar trailer sauna ready for some steam! IN STOCK, ready for pickup! Take it out for a steam on a lake or into the woods.


January 4, 2023

Cute Compact Hexa Sauna Ready for Pickup!

This 6 FT x 6 FT x 6 FT cedar Hexa sauna named "Little Sailor" is finished and ready for pickup. Very compact yet roomy sauna that fits up to 4 people!

Hexa cedar barrel sauna with electric heater and metal roof
cedar barrel sauna with glass door and wood fired stove

November 30, 2022

Finnish Cedar Sauna Open for Public Use in UBC!

Come enjoy some sweat and real Finnish sauna experience! Open 2 times a week for public use. Wood fired stove for a real immersion into the sauna culture!

September 8, 2022

Finance Your Sauna Today!

We now offer financing options for saunas and outdoor buildings! Flexible terms with deferrals available. Get approved today! Contact us today for more details. 

finance your sauna today with $0 down
cedar barrel sauna

August 24, 2022

Cedar Sauna in UBC opening in October!

Another project with UBC! Our beautiful cedar sauna will open its doors to sauna enthusiasts in October of this year. 10-person Finnish sauna! Stay tuned for further updates.

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