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Saunas in Stock

Browse below for saunas we have in stock and ready to go! Delivery available.


Surrey, BC

8 FT

Dual heat sauna: wood fired and electric! Unique charred cedar barrel sauna on a trailer! 8FT long trailer barrel sauna.8FT L, 6.5FT W, 6.5FT HWestern Red Cedar Mobile sauna, cedar exterior stain, sheet metal roofing.Dual heater unit: exterior loading wood burning stove and 9KW electric heater, opposite double level benches, wooden door with insulated tempered glass, front platform and entrance stairs included, brand new light frame trailer included.This sauna can be easily towed with SUV, minivans, etc.


02 Chilliwack, BC

8 FT

Barrel sauna 7FT diameter 

8 FT long

Locally built in Chilliwack!


Norway Spruce 

All interior surfaces are fine sanded and soft to touch!


Good for 5-7 people 

Insulated panoramic Glass window!

Himalayan Salt Decor with lights

LED dimmable lighting

Removable Flat Floor

Solid wood door

Curved full circle Flashings

The electric heater of your choice can be added for extra charge.


Delivery available


03 Chilliwack, BC

5 FT

Got rid of your hot tub and want something new?

Barrel dry/steam Sauna, Unique shape and design, Norway Spruce thermo-modified, exterior wood oil treatment for increased durability. 

Sauna is good for 2 people. 6kW, 240V single phase electric heater with exterior control panel and granite rocks.

10mm tempered safety full glass door with soft close stainless steel hinges.


Exterior/interior dimensions:

W 62"/58"

H 86"/80"

L 59"/52"


All interior surfaces are soft to touch and fine sanded with all screws hidden.

Custom crafted locally in Chilliwack, BC

In stock, shipping available.

Bonus: Bucket and ladle, 2 headrests and towel rack!


04 Chilliwack, BC

6 FT

Western Red Cedar Barrel Sauna, custom crafted locally in our full cycle facility.

6ft long, 6.5ft wide, 6.5ft high Western Red Cedar lumber only, white washed exterior Western Red Cedar charred roofing, 6 KW electric heater, knot free cedar door with insulated safety glass, knot free cedar benches, all interior surfaces are fine sanded, hidden screws.

Bucket and ladle, artisan towel rack and a pair of headrests are included!


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