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Our Advantages

Eco-Friendly Design

  •  Barrel saunas are a unique and stylish addition to any backyard or outdoor space. With their curved design and natural wood finish, they provide a cozy and relaxing atmosphere for a sauna session. Whether you're looking to unwind after a long day or entertain guests, a barrel sauna is a great investment for your home. Explore our selection of barrel saunas and find the perfect fit for your needs.

  • We are a 100% Canadian sauna builder, we fabricate saunas and other products from locally and responsibly sourced beautiful Western Red Cedar in our full cycle production facility.

  • Financing for saunas available with deferral options.

  • We produce with high-precision CNC technology to perfectly match seams and joints, having endless design opportunities for interior and exterior sauna components.

  • Bring us your ideas or dreams of your perfect sauna - we'll make your dream come true. Barrel, round, square, traditional, interior, small for two or huge for 10-12 people, sauna on a trailer, floating sauna, etc.

  • Double T&G profile for front and back walls for higher strength.

  • Weatherproof gasket in sauna wall board channel to exclude air leaks in barrel saunas.

  • Hidden fastening for all interior components (screws are not visible).

  • Fine sanded/fine planed surfaces for benches, seat backs, flooring, guardrails etc.

  • Heavy duty stainless steel bands.

  • Heavy duty aluminum hardware to hold and tighten bands.

  • We use mold and UV protective stain to protect saunas.

  • High quality – we pay attention to the quality of products we make. Each piece of wood we use is premium selected. We implement three-step quality system.

  • We craft our towel racks, headrests, vents and shelves in-house, Artisan style. 

  • Fully customizable saunas (shape, options, size).

  • Fast production times. We build them fast and never cut corners!

  • Financing for saunas available!

Hidden fastening for all interior components (screws are not visible), western red cedar barrel saunas
heavy duty stainless steel bands and metal roof, western red cedar barrel sauna
fine sanded surfaces, handcrafted western red cedar towel hooks/rack
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